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Objects, buildings, rooms, products and even living beings can be represented as digital twins. This makes a detailed and dimensionally accurate presentation possible for your customers – whether it is exterior or interior views, rooms to be actively visited, a plan understandable or a product to be made comprehensible in terms of type and functionality: everything is possible.

Everything is aligned with your goals and wishes. If we know these, we recommend visualization forms and technology, accordingly, advise you on options and optimal appealing and application possibilities.

The cost issue is already agreed with you in the briefing phase because it is directly related to your objectives and the corresponding implementation options. In general, it can be proven that visualized objects have a sales-promoting effect: Decision-making and purchasing processes are simplified and accelerated and have a positive effect on customer loyalty.

Of course, the overall process from the initial consultation to completion depends on the type and size of the project. One thing is always certain: Our team of experts is optimally attuned to each other and can guarantee a professional and rapid implementation through clear structuring, the best technical equipment and know-how.

The implementation is quickly and securely established. For this purpose, we will send you a link from drone flight or scan (visualization) or contact your web designer on request. Of course, we can also transmit each link password protected.  Safe is safe.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to make flights in the rain. In cloudy weather, shots are basically possible, but sunshine offers the best lighting conditions and literally makes every project shine from its best sides. Scan and film shots can be taken in the rain, but here sunny weather offers the best mood setting as well.

Of course, a visualization is not a product carved in stone and can be flexibly changed or supplemented at any time according to your wishes.